Overview of Lynx Propane Software

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What is Lynx Propane Software

Lynx Propane Software (formerly Propane98) is an accounting, routing and tank-tracking software system programmed specifically to address the needs of the propane plant and its employees. Columbus Systems, Inc. designed and created it literally from the ground up for the propane industry only (we do have petroleum customers, but our background is in propane). Lynx Propane Software is Windows®-based software and will not run on a DOS platform. The designers have been programming specifically for the Windows® operating systems in propane for more than 12 years.

Lynx Propane Software was built with a single objective in mind... to give control back to the plant manager/owner. To do this Lynx Propane Software divides the issues facing a propane plant into 6 main categories: Customers, Bookkeeping, Routing, Inventory, Service, and Tanks and Equipment.

Why Lynx Propane Software can serve you like no other

The founders of Columbus Systems have over 40 years of experience working directly in the propane business. We have filled cylinders, driven truck, set tanks, and been out on service calls in the middle of the night. This experience allows us to look at problems from the point of view of the real world and to design systems that provide real-world solutions. We have found that there's no substitute for this kind of experience when it comes to building state-of-the-art propane software.

Rather than having to deal with a lot of obscure computer terminology, with Lynx Propane Software you just point at a picture of what you want to do and click. This means that the system is much easier to learn. It also means that new employees can pick it up in a short amount of time. That means less cost and less frustration for you.

Lynx Propane Software includes literally hundreds of functions necessary to effectively run a propane business. Lynx Propane Software includes a custom truck ticket data entry screen designed specifically for propane truck tickets so that daily data entry will be faster, landlord/tenant relationships, cylinder exchange, pre-buy contracts, metered accounts, budget accounts, routing by interval, degree-days, Julian, etc. - and much more. Just about anything to do with propane has been put into the program - all designed by people who have been in the propane business for decades.

Lynx Propane Software's features deal specifically with propane issues.   For instance, the Lynx Propane Software “Find a customer” screen is specifically designed to find propane customers.  You can search by delivery or billing address, even by the tank serial #:  


There are tools in Lynx Propane Software to help you keep track of your tanks, monitor usage and schedule deliveries. There are service components that help track service order scheduling and gas checks. There is even a highly-individualized method of preparing operational and management reports as well as graphs.


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